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2022-2023 Dance Classes




July 18th at 8:00am: Current 2021-2022 students

July 21st at 8:00am: 2022 camp-only students

July 25th at 8:00am: New students


Before you enroll...

If you have not already, please make sure that your family account is up to date and that you can access it properly BEFORE registration begins. We cannot guarantee immediate tech support in the hours leading up to registration. Please sign the updated policies and update any medical issues, payment method, contact information, etc. Studio Dans requires a payment card be saved on file at all times.


To make the necessary changes:

  1. Access the Family portal through the Studio Dans website

  2. Enter your email account that you currently receive Studio Dans emails to

  3. If necessary, click "Forgot your password" to receive a temporary password.

  4. A temporary password will be sent to you within 5 minutes.

  5. Log in using your password and update your family account information and password as necessary.

  6. If you have any problems logging in, or you do not receive a temporary password within 5 minutes, please email Zoe at


How to enroll:

  1. Log in to your family portal through the Studio Dans website, or the link below.

  2. After logging in, click on the "Classes" tab at the top right of the dashboard

  3. Click "Find Classes" - you can search A-Z or use the filter tab on the right of the page to choose the "2020-2021" session. You can also filter by instructor, type of class, day of the week

  4. Choose the class that you wish to enroll in and "Add to Cart"

  5. Select student to enroll and click "Add"

  6. Either continue enrolling or click "Checkout"

  7. Accept and enroll

  8. You will receive an email confirmation of enrollment



Class Placement

Class placement is an integral component to achieving the maximum result for each dancer. It is a 'win win' for everyone when students are grouped by similar skills, dance goals and commitment levels.

During the week of July 11th: Every Pre-Teen, Teen and Senior student (age 10+) will receive an email with placement for next year. These decisions are the product of the staff's assessments of the students. All other students will register based on age group.

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