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About Studio Dans

With over twenty-five years of combined teaching experience, Dana Keane (Professional Broadway Dancer, award-winning choreographer, and dance instructor) and Samantha Redman (Certified Aerobic and Ballroom Instructor) are committed to providing a nurturing environment where students of all ages learn proper dance techniques, correct body alignment, coordination, and flexibility.


Studio Dans opened in September 2006. Inspiration for the studio came from the documentary “Mad Hot Ballroom” and The National Dance Institute (founded by Jacques d’Amboise). Ballroom dancing is featured in “Mad Hot Ballroom” as a tool to instill confidence, a respect for the opposite gender, social graces and coordination. Jacques d’Amboise’s philosophy is the notion that exposure to the arts and dance, in particular, is healthy, creates discipline and is literally transforming. Studio Dans applies these philosophies in their curriculum.


With the development of the students’ dance technique and abilities, the focus of the studio has expanded to incorporate these evolving tracks. The studio continues with its recreational classes, but also includes opportunities for more advanced learning and mastery. In 2012, the studio began a structured Vaganova Ballet program, as well as advanced classes in other dance disciplines. Additionally, the studio includes a competition dance company to provide more concentrated study and additional performing opportunities. Studio Dans competition dancers have won scholarships to conventions, received highest awards at competitions and qualified for nationals as well as performed in Hershey Park.  Dancers from the studio also participate in the annual Cherry Blossom Parade in DC, summer workshops in New York City, Woodstoc Roc benefit concert and in local dance festivals. All students perform in the spring dance recital.



Studio Dans Facility

Studio Dans is a spacious (5,800 sq. ft.), state of the art, dance studio located in Maple Lawn, Howard County. There are four fully equipped dance studios (all with professionally sprung floors). A large dressing room, male and female bathrooms, and a comfortable reception area make this the studio of choice.



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