Studio Dans offers a wide variety of dance classes 

for children, youth, and adults.

Private dance lessons for both individuals and groups are available upon request. 




Creative Dance (2's or 3's): Designed especially for 2 or 3-year-olds as an introduction to dance.


Pre-School Ballet/Tap (4’s): Introduces and develops basic ballet, tumbling and tap skills in a creative and fun way


Ballet: Provides a solid foundation in classical ballet using the Vaganova methodology. Proper alignment and technique are emphasized.


Tap: Explore the rhythms and styles of tap dance from traditional to contemporary


Jazz: Will explore the styles of Musical Theater, Jazz Funk, and traditional jazz with weekly choreographic combos and focus on leaps and turn


Jazz/Hip Hop: A fusion of these 2 styles of dance. More emphasis is on choreography, style, and hip hop moves.


Contemporary: borrows from a Horton and other modern vocabularies and methodologies.  The class will include floor work, across the floor progressions, and weekly combo.

Dance Technique: Ms. Dana teaches this half hour class designed to enrich a student's dance training. The class is personalized to the students who take the class and will focus on tried and tested exercises to build a dancer's technique - range of motion, flexibility, turn-out, core stability, turns and jumps.


Ballroom: An introduction to ballroom and Latin dance using today’s music as well as traditional ballroom music. Partner is required.



Students are placed according to their age and ability.

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